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Quarantine hasn’t been easy for anybody; when you are secluded in your home with only your immediate family members, it can definitely take an emotional toll on all of us. We have been trying to do the best that we can to cheer ourselves up and our homes. It’s no secret that we love flowers—we have always had fresh blooms in our homes. They bring us joy and happiness, and at this time, more than ever, we need it. Trust us, adding fresh flowers can brighten up your home and boost your mood.


Here are a few easy tips to bring blooms into your home during these harsh times:



Go for Long Lasting Choices

For those who are going to the grocery store, either choose potted plants or flowers that have a long vase life. Blooming plants with proper care can last a long time. Once you bring one home, do some research and check its needs for water and light as different plants have different needs. For instance, potted hydrangea requires a lot of water and indirect sunlight. One of our favorite potted flowers are orchids—they are easy to grow as a houseplant and their blooms can last for up to three months. If selecting fresh cut flowers, here are some options for long-lasting ones: Alstroemeria, Zinnias, Lilies and Carnations. A few things to remember when bringing fresh cut flowers home: use the floral preservative that comes with it, remove the foliage before arranging in a vase, and change the water every other day.



Choose Curbside Pick Up

Curbside pick up has been a great way to continue shopping and supporting local businesses. Several floral shops are providing this service. Keep longevity in mind when calling to order flowers, you still want bouquets with long lifespans to avoid another curbside pickup the following week. Inquire about succulents when ordering from a floral shop, florists can put together beautiful arrangements with them. They require low maintenance with long lifespans.



Pick Your Own

From garden to table! Gardens are starting to bloom and another great option is to use flowers from your backyard. Is there anything more special than that!? Plus, they haven’t traveled anywhere, so we know that they are “safe.” You can put anything into a bouquet as long as you have flowers, a vase and water. Don’t be afraid to play with what you have in your garden; you can create a professional looking bouquet by adding flowers with different texture and colors. You can also keep it simple and less complicated by working with one type of flower only. Gather your blooms, strip the leaves (you don’t want the leaves to sit in the water), cut the stems the same height, and place them in a vase with water.



Keep it Simple

No matter what option you choose, flowers can go a long way to add life and color to your home. Try adding a bouquet and see if that lifts your spirits! We are not talking about placing several arrangements throughout the house, just one on your kitchen counter where the heart of your home is will get the job done. Flowers definitely puts a smile on our faces and we hope they will do the same for you.





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