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Richmond International Airport (RIC)

Richmond International Airport is technically an international airport, though there are not many international flights from this airport that do not first have at least one additional layover in the US. That being said though, its a wonderfully small and efficient airport that’s rarely very crowded and that you can pretty easily navigate in a reasonable amount of time. There are no trams, trains, or buses between terminals, so you’ll have to walk, but again, since the airport is small, even walking isn’t going to be longer than 15 minutes or so. I have had great luck finding flights out of Richmond with only 1 stop, both internationally and domestically, and even though it’s usually slightly more expensive than flying from any of the 3 DC airports, the size and proximity most often make it well worth it!

A: 1 Richard E Byrd Terminal Dr, Richmond, VA 23250 | P: (804) 226-3000





Richmond Airport Parking 

You can park directly at Richmond Airport and if you park in the Hourly or Daily Lot, you can walk to the airport. If you park in Economy, you’ll need to catch a free shuttle, but these lots are just across the street.

Economy Lots: Across from Richmond Airport Hotel | A: 5501 Eubank Rd., Sandston, VA 23150 | P: (804) 236-4032

Daily & Economy Lots: Use Richmond Airport address but follow signs once on Airport Drive.

Rates: Hourly $24/day | Daily $10/day | Economy $7/day


Park ‘N Go

This lot is my go to lot anytime I fly out of Richmond Airport. The staff is always super helpful and accommodating. The shuttle seems to run constantly when I’m parking and heading to the airport, which is great if I’m running late. When you get back, you call the number they give you and there’s a shuttle to take you from the airport to the parking lot usually within 15 minutes. I have to fly with my toddler’s ginormous car seat, and the driver has always jumped out to help me with that beast, which is so helpful, along with any other luggage I have (which is usually a lot even with just 1 child). Reservations aren’t required, but I’ve always made one and you get a lower rate that way too.

A: 5701 Audubon Drive, Sandston, VA 23150 | P: (804) 652-2150

Rates: $5.50/day if you pay in advance | $7.00/day if you pay when you arrive

Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Dulles is a substantially bigger airport than Richmond, which takes quite a bit more time for parking and navigating the airport, but there are multiple times more flights out of this airport too, usually at a lower cost and with fewer or no layovers.

Reagan National Airport (DCA)

coming soon!

Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)


Staples Mill Road Station

Coming Soon!

Richmond Main Street Station


Greyhound Bus Station

Car Service (Rentals, Taxis and Uber/Lyft)


If you’re new to Lyft (or Uber): You’ll need to download the app to use Lyft, but once you do, it walks you through exactly how it works. You’ll input your credit or debit card information into the app and any other required information to create an account. Once you do that, you’re ready to request your driver! The app will geolocate you using your smart phone, but you might have to update your exact location slightly to be most accurate, especially if you’re at a busy airport with potentially spotty service.

There are several levels of cars available, not surprisingly bigger, nicer cars will cost more. There is even a carpool option if you’re adventurous and don’t mind a few extra riders joining your ride and saving some money. However, I usually just choose the cheapest, NON-carpool option and request a ride. A driver will respond and head your direction to pick you up. The app should give you the drivers name, their picture, and color, make and model of their car, along with a stock image of the car to help you identify it. You’ll also be able to track the drive on the map so you can see how far or close your ride is. All payment occurs through the app, tips can be added, and you can do it all through the app up to 24 hours after your ride (at 24 hours your card is automatically charged the base fare with no tip included). That’s it!

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Uber is almost the same as Lyft, with a few minor difference, mostly just in the different app functionality and options. Uber does have some additional services, such as Uber Eats, which will delivery food to you from any participating restaurant. Like Lyft, you’ll have to download the app, set up an account and include a credit or debit card for payment, then request your rider. There are also multiple tiers of cars, both by size and luxury, depending on what you prefer.

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