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A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, if you understand what to expect and prepare accordingly. Recently, Briana of Palm Beach Moms brought home Miracle, a very special dog who survived Hurricane Dorian (see the incredible on The Today show here). We spoke to Briana about Miracle, as well as how they prepared for his arrival.


Can you us a bit more about adopting Miracle?

We had been TALKING about getting a dog.  The hubs and the kids were begging me, but I knew I would end up doing the heavy lifting.  So while he was out of town, I took the kids to Big Dog Ranch Rescue to volunteer to wash some pups.  We ended up running into Lauree Simmons who started the shelter, who asked if we wanted to meet Miracle.



Miracle was pinned under debris after Hurricane Dorian for weeks without food.  Big Dog Ranch found him barely alive with a heat seeking drone and brought all 16 pounds of him home to attempt to nurse him back to health. He was still skin and bones and barely moving when we met him.  He dragged himself over to my oldest daughter and collapsed in her lap.  She looked up at me with those bright sweet eyes and said “can we take him home?”


And of course how can you say no to that, right?!…

We had to keep it a secret and make covert visits to see our boy until he was strong enough to come home and the Today show could reveal his homecoming.  Try keeping an exciting secret like that with 3 kids!




Such an amazing story! What has been the best part for your family?

Watching the girls care for him as he got stronger (he’s gained 25 pounds and is now a healthy weight for his stature).  They walk him, feed him, helped potty train him, play and snuggle him.  Like Hoda said, it’s been like watching a flower bloom.  He is just the sweetest boy.  He is a nervous boy but after 2 months he finally had the strength and walks up the stairs to sleep in bed with the girls—melted my heart.


So wonderful! How did you prepare and suggestions other prepare if they’re thinking of bringing a dog into their family?


Visit a shelter first

If you are expecting your kids to pick up after them or wash them, let them see how they like doing it by volunteering.


Get the right food

Potty training is easier and will be easier [if their food agrees with them]. For us it was JOY food.  Game changer.


Consult a dog trainer

We have had 2 sessions- basically training US and it’s really helpful to all be on the same page and understand what they need.


Plan a home staycation for a week

This is so you can all bond with and enjoy getting to know your new family member.



Find a good veterinarian

Create a relationship with medical records so you have that contact in case you need it you won’t be showing up to a stranger.


We also use heelr, a CBD product that the shelter gave us for stressful situations.  Like New Years fireworks!


Anything else you’d like to share?

Please consider adopting instead of shopping.  There are so many pups who need forever homes.  Plus you can get to know them before you make that big commitment.

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