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Actress Brooklyn Decker became a household name by dominating the pages of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues as a model, starting in 2006 and landing the coveted cover in 2010. Marrying tennis superstar Andy Roddick in 2009 turned her into one half of a veritable Hollywood power couple. She became an entrepreneur by co-creating a shopping app, Finery, which was recently acquired by Stitch Fix. But she’s found her primary professional niche on screen, with roles in Battleship, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and, most recently, Grace & Frankie on Netflix. She’s also a devoted, hands-on mom to two, a boy named Hank (4) and a girl named Stevie (2). We spoke to Brooklyn for our “Meet a Mom” series about her character Mallory on Grace & Frankie, her mom uniform, what Andy Roddick is like as a dad, and more.


Grace & Frankie has an unbelievable cast of Hollywood royalty, including Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen. Have there been any truly memorable moments?

There are so many. Everything from Martin and Sam breaking out in show tunes and getting thunderous applause to protesting climate injustice for Fire Drill Fridays alongside our cast and creators in Washington DC. There are also just so many funny moments that happened off screen that carried over on screen.


Can you relate to your character Mallory, as a mom?

I can, yes. I can really relate to is how all-consuming motherhood is. What’s so great about Mallory is she goes into a self-exploration and starts to say my, health and happiness matters.



It seems like motherhood changes all of us…can you talk a bit more about that?

For me, motherhood became all-consuming immediately. There was this weight of responsibility that was apparent to me right away. I was never been afraid of heights and was super adventurous. I would be the person jumping off cliffs. A few weeks after my son was born, I was on a balcony having a glass of wine and I realized I was just more aware of the risks of life. There’s always a checklist of have I done everything to make them safe.


Yep, totally understand that one! On a lighter note, we always like to know what stylish moms do to look pulled together quickly. Do you have a mom uniform?

Yeah, I do. I always turn to jeans, a white t-shirt and a blazer over the top to hide any food stains!  That is a semiprofessional look without a lot of effort… I feel like it looks like you have your shit together.


Ha, love that. Do you have brands you turn to regularly?

I love the denim brand Midheaven, which is female founded and made using sustainable processes. Argent makes work wear, including great blazers with a million pockets inside that can hold everything from your cell phone to pacifiers.



Do you have products that are go-tos?

I use Beauty Counter for clean beauty, which I learned about while I was pregnant, including their moisturizer with SPF, an amazing blush bronzer and red lipstick.


What is your philosophy with kids in sports?

I know we would never push our kids into one sport—exposing them to as many as possible is the way to do it (as well as everything else like theater and art). Personally for me, knowing I’m not sure when my next job will happen, I would love my kids to have more stability in their career.



I’ve read that you love decorating. How do you quickly make a house a home?

Candles…we always have candles burning, and music on. Then once family is there it feels homey.


How would you describe Andy as a dad and vice versa?

Whereas he is measured, thoughtful and scheduled, he calls me a tornado. I am constantly running around and singing and dancing, acting crazy. I believe in maximum fun all the time.


Awesome! And what do you look for in a mom friend?

Total and complete forgiveness. My job makes me a flaky person and a mom that is like, I get it, you have to cancel. A friend who is totally understanding and doesn’t make me feel guilty for missing something – that’s the lives of moms!


We always love to support local businesses. What are some of your fave spots in Austin, Texas, where you live?

The public library is amazing. Sushi-Co—it has fantastic sushi and mochi ice cream. I go to the Deep Roots Salon—I have been to incredible salons and it’s my favorite. Instead of date night we do day dates, to brunch, often to Josephine House. We can have a cocktail at 11 a.m. and there’s no judgement.

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