Candy and cards are a classic combo for class Valentine’s gifts, but with more school’s broadening food bans (from peanuts to wheat to, in some cases, all sweets), non-food related choices can be a safer bet. Even if your school is still cool with candy, other parents will likely appreciate the variety.



“I Dig You” Shovels

These adorable beach toys are the perfect thing to give with spring break just on the horizon.
$27 for 24,



Custom Cards

We’re not going to judge a Paw Patrol or Elmo note, but the whimsical artist-designed ones from Minted are truly next level.

From $25 for 20, (use priority shipping available by 2/13)



DIY Bubble Gift

We love these “You Blow Me Away” labels from And We Play. Pair them with some inexpensive bubbles, and you have a cute and functional gift.




Festive Bookmarks

Encourage love—of reading—with these simple bookmarks available with Amazon Prime (attention, last minute shoppers!).

$10 for 36,



Stick with Slime

What kid—boy or girl—doesn’t love slime? Use these playful “Slime Yours” printables and add store bought or homemade slime!



Beyond COVID-19: Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

Beyond COVID-19: Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

  Of course, coronavirus is on all of our minds this summer, particularly as we look towards the Fall and various back to school plans. But as we spend more time at home and continue to stay safe through social distancing, experts urge parents not to forget about...

Popsicles: Refreshing Recipes for Summer Fun

Popsicles: Refreshing Recipes for Summer Fun

    Popsicles are synonymous with summer, and for good reason—they’re refreshing on hot days, help hydrate kids and adults alike, and are easy to hold, even for tiny toddler hands. While we don’t judge store bought varieties, making them allows you to...

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