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Randi Zinn’s mission is one close to our hearts—helping moms remember life “Beyond Mom”. This multitasking mom of two is an author (her book, Going Beyond Mom, is a must-read), as well as an expert on the topics of mindfulness and wellness. We spoke to Randi about her Beyond Mom brand, mompreneurship, and more.


For those who aren’t yet familiar, what is Beyond Mom?

Beyond Mom is a hub for anyone seeking self in the midst of motherhood and womanhood! We open up to the deeper parts of ourselves that might not get the air time that’s deserved and bring all parts of our voice to life. We do this through our retreats, events, my podcast Going Beyond, and through sharing my book, Going Beyond Mom: How to Activate Your Mind Body and Business after Baby. We have many more fun offerings coming for 2020!


What was your “aha” moment that lead to Beyond Mom?

I felt what a struggle it was to retain and regain a sense of self. It’s like you become a mom and suddenly there’s no headlights facing inward. How do I still make time for the parts of me that need cultivation? How do I give voice to my wants and needs? How do I justify the facts that many of my relationships feel different now? Why do I want to be productive in different ways than before? So much change, so little dialogue about it! Beyond Mom came from my heart and my desire to open up a conversation for women seeking more depth, more connection and to live a life of inner evolution.


You’ve had some interesting partnerships, from Deepak Chopra Homebase to SoulCycle to HeyMama…how do you decide who to team up with?

Deciding which brands to work with is easy. Does this brand make a woman’s life easier or more empowered? Is there a great founder story? Are values aligned with mine? If I can answer all three then we have something fun to create together. My long time relationship has been with Athleta—I’ve been a proud brand ambassador and have had so much fun partnering on our events. And I LOVE their clothing so it’s very easy for me to rock it. Recently, I’ve totally enjoyed partnering with some younger women, focused on brands like Cora and Needed. It’s a joy to get to know such inspiring founders and engage with products made with so much thought and care.


What is your favorite part of your podcast…and most challenging?

My favorite part of the podcast are the people I interview! These discussions are so inspiring and exciting. Every single one changes me in big and small ways and I feel so privileged to share them with the public. I really feel that storytelling has the power to heal and connect people, so this podcast is my way of doing that. Challenges usually show up in the form of technology! I’ve had some recent tech fails in which I had to cancel interviews with very prominent individuals because stuff just wasn’t working! Truly a horrible feeling but always an opportunity to reassess my systems and processes. Onward and upward!


Photo credit: Nafisa Skeie


What was your own experience post-partum?

I’m one of the privileged women who had the tools to maintain a connection to my body, my mind and my spirit as I navigated motherhood. And even for me it wasn’t easy. I turned to my yoga practice and my knowledge that the body holds so much wisdom and would find strength again. I also knew that my emotions and mindset could change with the right conversations, and wanted to write a book that would share the information I was so lucky to have with the women in my own circle. So while I went through many of the same identity changes that others do, I was profoundly aware that I was a lucky one. I wanted to share what worked for me and for many of the women I know in my life who have navigated motherhood with grace and growth.


Why is entrepreneurism so important for moms?

Women need to rediscover their own meaning and path to productivity, especially when they become moms. The ability to start one’s own business offers so many opportunities for flexibility and building a business with one’s own principles at the center is exciting and necessary. My book expands on how to approach entrepreneurship with curiosity and respect for this moment in your life.


If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I would love to be a psychotherapist!


Who is your dream guest for your podcast?

I think everyone would say Oprah Winfrey….but I’d like to interview women who are mothers and doing big things in very unique ways, like Alicia Keyes, Gabrielle Bernstein, and truth be told, some of my dream guests have already been on the show, which is so exciting!


What advice do you give moms who feel like they’re losing themselves in motherhood?

Carve out a few hours per week that are simply for your own pleasure or joy. Walk in nature, have coffee with a friend, listen to your favorite songs, take a dance class. I honestly don’t care what it is, but it’s in those moments that are not associated with the roles you play or the list you have, that reconnection can happen. And who you might discover in those spaces may be your new best friend.


We love to support local businesses. Can you please share your favorite place in NYC to:

Eat with kids: A new little Thai restaurant in Chelsea called Gluh. Fresh, friendly, and the kids love it.
Go on date night: Cookshop for dinner and a dance performance at The Joyce
Get your nails done: Spa Belles on Seventh and 20th
Get your hair done: Linzee Katzman at Marie Robinson Salon
Go with kids for fun: I love weekends at Washington Square Park.
Exercise: Pilates, Barre, Yoga…I recently joined The Well, a membership space for wellness and I’m starting to take more of my classes there.
Shop for clothes: Intermix, Otte, Zara

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