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Launched in 2008, Scary Mommy is a guilty pleasure for millions of moms—including us. The site’s intelligent take on tough mom issues are must-reads, and its no holds barred video series (from Momsplained to Preggo Nancy) is addictive. So we couldn’t wait to speak with Micaela Birmingham, Head of Studio at Scary Mommy. This NYC-based mom of 2 (ages 9 and 11) is this week’s Meet a Mom!


What do you do at Scary Mommy?

I oversee creation of original series and branded video campaigns.


What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of working here is that no two days are the same. We have done everything from launch a live gameshow with Facebook, interview Jennifer Lopez, sing babies to sleep, to visit the White House at the invitation of Michelle Obama.


Can you explain the “scary” part of the brand name?

There is intense pressure on women to be perfect moms who have it all figured out. Scary Mommy is a place where it’s OK to admit that we don’t always have it all together because no one does. A Scary Mommy embodies the word “scary” in the best possible way—scary smart, scary proud, scary fierce and scary in love with our kids.


How do you think motherhood has changed for our generation?

As a working mom of two, it’s been inspiring to see the notion of  “working mom” go from being a liability to becoming something of value by companies. We still have a long way to go, but as women advocate more for one another, and a family friendly company culture becomes key to recruit top talent in many industries, things are changing for the better.


Why are communities like The Local Moms Network and Scary Mommy so important?

It takes a village, but if your village looks more like you cooped up with a newborn in the dead of winter, or feeling like you can’t meet any other mom friends who are on your wave length—it can be lonely. We need each other to feel normal, seen and heard.

What’s your favorite story you’ve worked on?

Our show Madge the Vag was one that initially some thought was going to be an epic fail because it had “Vag” in the title. Our production team forged ahead, and now Madge is one of our most popular shows.  I’m very proud of how this show serves to break down the taboos and shame many of us grew up with. Instead Madge the Vag and turns conversations about the female body into empowerment, education and entertainment all at the same time.


Where do you hang out with your kids in Brooklyn?

Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY is a gem for everything from picnics, to concerts to ice skating. My kids have learned to skate, fly a kite and ride a bike in this incredible park.


Okay, so you are gifted a whole day to yourself. What do you do?

Run, eat a large breakfast involving waffles and whip cream, sleep and catch up on all the shows I can’t stay awake for.


Do you have a mommy mantra?

Everybody CTFD. It’s going to be fine.

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