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As we approach the holidays, a highly entertaining time of the year, we need to stop and thoroughly think about how to host in the era of COVID-19. It will be a unique holiday season!! It can be extremely overwhelming and stressful to entertain at the moment. Therefore, first things first:

  • You should be comfortable hosting an event
  • You should feel good about the group
  • You should let your guests know how many people and who are attending the gathering, and finally, if it’s indoors or outdoors (as we all know, it’s much safer to be outdoor, six feet apart, and with a mask).


Once that is settled:


Come Together With Those You Trust

The safest way to celebrate is to keep extremely intimate with people you trust, are already in your “pod” and take the same precautions you do.  If you choose to host, gather with caution, and take the time to prepare things a littledifferently.


Serve Individual Portions

According to the CDC, spreading from touching is not thought to be a common way that COVID 19 spreads; however, it’s best to play on the safe side and serve individual portions to avoid common contact with utensils. It also avoids guests to linger close together around food; people can grab and stay apart.  Single individual portions also apply to drinks; adding a party tub with bottled or canned beverages is best this year. Alcohol can be a little challenging; keep sanitizing wipes close to the bottles that will be touched by the guests. Have hand sanitizers handy at all times; place them at a few places for easy access.


Stay Outdoors

The safest place to host is outdoors, so if you can, opt for staying out. Heaters, blankets, and fire pits are all great additions. Another helpful way to warm up your party is by serving hot beverages: hot chocolate, tea, warm sangria, mulled wine; there are so many options.  As the winter approaches and temperature drops, it will be challenging to keep the party outside. So make sure you and your guests are comfortable to move indoors.



2020 has been a tough year for us all; we had to change how we live and interact with people tremendously. We are having to sacrifice a lot for our and the world’s health. It’s not forever though, we will have our lives back and will celebrate many holidays to come. Stay strong, and be safe!




These are suggestions only. Please follow CDC guidelines, including these helpful Holiday Guidelines.


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