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As we start to head back into the school season, parents can use all the help they can get during this busy time. Megan Sullivan, the co-founder of The Local Mom’s Network, has some helpful tips for parents and caregivers. She recommends sticking to a routine to help manage tasks and chores. Below are some guidelines:

  1. Exercise, Play and Get to Bed Early
    We exercise/play and go to bed early – the whole house. If everyone gets their energy out and their sleep in, they start the week feeling their best (kids and adults!).
  2. Talk to the Kids About the Week Ahead
    I think it’s really important for them to know what to expect from the week. In my house, kids that understand what and why they are doing something respond better to being asked to do something. I talk to them about school, sports, activities, and playdates ahead. If either parent is away or out one day I let them know that, too.
  3. Lay Out Their Clothes
    My three boys each have a small bin of clothes in the mudroom. I lay out clothes for the week by outfit, and each kid can still “pick” what they want to wear each day.
  4. Meal and Menu Prep
    I write down meals by day and then prep all the veggies and meats so we can quickly put together dinner and sit down as a family.
  5. Write Out the Weekly Schedule
    With three boys and many different schedules, I write out the schedule on a board in the kitchen so everyone knows who is going where who is driving who and where people need to be!
  6. Clean up the House
    I spend an hour on Sunday evening tidying the house, running and unloading the dishwasher and getting things put back in order for the week. So much easier waking up to a clean and organized house!
  7. Plan Your Self Care
    Self-care as a mom is important. I plan ahead of time for weekly workouts, dr. appointments and anything else I need to do as a Mom to keep me doing my best. Everyone needs a strong, healthy leader.


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