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Halloween is almost here and we are sharing an amazing last-minute, festive board from The BakerMama, which incorporates much needed vegetables into an adorable design. If you haven’t been, make The BakerMama’s Instagram and site a regular stop for inspiration all year long—but especially during the upcoming holiday season. Below, she’s sharing her best tips for anyone putting together a spooky Halloween board.


What do you keep in mind when you’re conceiving a Halloween board?

Halloween is such a fun holiday that you can get really festive with. There are so many great seasonal snacks out there that you can put on a board and you can turn everyday snacks into festive treats like pumpkins, ghosts and spiders.


What are some unexpected ingredients that work really well?

For Halloween, any orange or black colored foods work great on snack boards. Even the veggies and fruits! Kids will enjoy eating bananas more if they’re decorated like little ghosts or mandarin oranges that look like min pumpkins. It’s all about getting creative with everyday snacks or browsing your local grocery store for festive snacks your family will enjoy!


With any board, what should you keep in mind if you’re a beginner?

There’s no right or wrong way to build a great board. A variety of foods is what makes it beautiful and delicious. Once you build your first board, you’ll see how easy and fun it can be. Get the family involved, gather the foods you will enjoy most and put them all on the board. Make it easy for everyone to reach in and enjoy!


Are there any common mistakes newbies make?

I think making the effort to create a festive board is what it’s all about. It truly is a great way to prepare and serve food! One tip would be to make sure you put any small foods (like candies) or briny foods (like olives) or spreads (like jams) in small serving bowls on the board first. Then put all of your other foods on the board in the order from largest to smallest. That way you can fill in the empty spaces on the board and make it look bountiful with the smaller foods (like nuts and dried fruits). Have fun with it! Everyone is sure to enjoy it!

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